Winterizing Your Home

December 8, 2015

WINTER IS COMING! There may be beautiful weather this week but it is inevitable that the winter cold will be coming soon. Follow some of these tips on getting your house prepared for the cold winter months ahead!

Install Weather Stripping: You can buy weather stripping by the roll with a sticky backing. You can control the length and cut what is needed when applied around the perimeter of doors and windows.

Caulk Cracks: Fill in any gaps in the frames of your doors and windows. Old caulk needs to be redone once it begins breaking and cracking.

Use Draft Dodgers: You can buy draft blockers but you can also create your own. You can sew a long tube and fill it with dried peas or pebbles and tuck it underneath a windowsill or at the bottom of a door!

Try Running Fans in Reverse: Counterclockwise rotation produces cooling breezes while switching to clockwise makes it warmer.

Schedule a Heater Tune-up-If you have not already this fall, make sure to call us to schedule your yearly maintenance on your heater. We currently have a gas tune-up special for $79. Having yearly tune-ups keeps your system clean and able to work properly.

Put Up Some Plastic: For just a few dollars you can pick up a window insulation kit. We know it sounds crazy to put plastic on the windows, but when properly installed, window plastic is basically invisible. This will help with any drafts that might occur.