Troubleshooting Your Heater

October, 24th 2016

No one wants to be without heat, but sometimes a simple fix can avoid paying for a service call from an HVAC company. Try these few troubleshooting steps before calling for a service technician!

Have you changed your HVAC filter?

You should replace your filter about once a month; a dirty filter can cause your system to break down. Avoid costly repairs by making sure your filter is cleaned every month.

Make Sure Your Home’s Thermostat Is Set Correctly

Sometimes thermostats can be confusing, make sure your system is turned on to “heat”. Also, if your thermostat goes completely blank, try changing the batteries. Many people are nervous to change the batteries themselves, but removing the thermostat face is easy, you just need to grasp and pull it firmly.

Check the Circuit Breaker for Your Heater

Every once in a while your furnace may cause its circuit breaker to trip. This can be a sign of a larger electrical issue, so if it happens often, you may want to call an electrician.

Make sure your Emergency Switch is “On”

Many people don’t even know that your heater has a emergency switch, but it could be on your actual furnace or it could be at the top of your steps where your heater is located. Sometimes it can get accidentally switched off, so be sure to check to make sure that is not why your heater is off.

If troubleshooting your furnace is not working for you, just give DelFera a call at 610-494-1114. We will get a service technician to your house to fix your heater!