Signs Your Water Heater Might Need To Be Replaced

February 9, 2016

Problems that might indicate hot water heater is in need of replacement:

Age-A gas water heater can last anywhere from 8-12 years and an electric water heater can last anywhere from 10-15 years.

Cold Water-If your hot water heater is not producing hot water anymore.

Leaks/Crack-If you notice water or moisture around your hot water heater, it could mean there is a crack or a leak.

Noise -Over time, sediment builds up in your hot water heater. The sediment can cause noise such as rumbling or a gurgling sound.

Rusty Water-If you notice your water is a tinted color coming from the water heater it could mean your water heater is rusting away on the inside or that your home’s piping is rusty.

Some of these problems can be fixed, but once the age of your hot water heater gets up to 10 years, we recommend replacement.

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