Safety Tips For Fall Driving

Be Aware of Poor Visibility

During fall, it gets darker earlier so be aware and slow down if you cannot see well. Use your dimmed headlights in bad weather with decreased visibility. If possible, try not to be on the roads during dark and bad weather nights.
Watch for Children

Children love playing outside in the fall after school. Be extra cautious around curbs and be aware of school zones and children getting on and off the bus.

Slow Down on Wet Pavement

Rain is very common during the fall. When raining, keep a safe distance away from the car in front of you. Also be cautious of wet leaves that could make the road very slippery and cause you to lose traction and slide on the roadway.

Be Prepared for Bright Sunlight

When sunrise occurs later in the morning, it can also present challenges for drivers.Since the sunrise occurs later in the morning it is good to have pair of sunglasses in your car for when it is too bright to see. If it becomes a problem to see, try to pull over until you can see again.

Watch Out for Ice

Plan ahead extra time to scrap the ice off your vehicle in the morning since mornings will be colder as temperatures typically drop lower at night into the morning.
Keep an eye out for black ice on the road and drive slower and more cautiously during the cold months coming up.
Watch out for Flooding

Storms and rain are common in the fall and flooding can happen anywhere so it is important to stay cautious.
Know that just 6 inches of flooded water, sometimes even less can be enough to cause engine stalling. In about 1 ft. of water a typical car will begin to float and when traction is lost, so is the steering control. You can float away in your car if the water is moving.
If you are unsure of how much water is on the ground, do not take the risk. Take a alternate route and avoid because in extreme cases the road may no longer be underneath all the water as the water can soften and be broken or washed up.