Benefits Of A Whole House Humidifier

If you relate winter with static electricity, scratchy throats and chapped lips, then you may be a candidate for a whole home humidifier. Because cold air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, humidity levels are very low when temperatures outdoor get very cold.  If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below a whole home humidifier can be highly beneficial to you and your family’s health and comfort.

One of the most important benefits you receive from a whole home humidifier is your home will be less conducive to cold and flu germs. The high rate of reported colds in the wintertime is due more to the dry air indoors, where airborne viruses can thrive, then the outdoor cold weather.

Another very annoying problem that occurs with dry air is coping with clingy clothes, hair that stands on end due to static electricity and of course the sudden shocks you can experience when touching things in your home. Much worse than clingy cloths is a sparks of static that can damage computers and other electronics in the home.

A humidifier can be just as important as heating your home. And when it comes to comfort, nobody likes dealing with clingy clothes, hair that stands on end, dry noses, bloody noses or any other uncomfortable symptoms caused from dry air.

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